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At Aligni, we have a number of software solutions for different industry sectors i.e. Farming, Real Estate Management, Logistics Management etc. You will be expected to introduce and sell these products to people you know that work in those sectors, for example you could sell an online travel agency management application to your friend (or friends friend) who owns a travel agency, by simply identifying the possible customer, telling them about the software (you will be able to view product pages) and passing on the sales lead to the company

Here at Aligni, we keep things simple. This is how it will work: For each new customer you sell any of our softwares to, you will earn money. The amount of money you’ll receive will be 10% of the price of the software. In other words, the more customers you find, the more money you make.

Let’s take a simple example: You sell Software A to a customer at #100,000 your share of that would be 10% = #10,000. There is no limit to how much you can earn.Calculations and payments via bank account on a weekly basis. There are no specific requirements for joining. There will be no cost to you or investment by you required. In other words, there is no possible downside to you, only upside.

In addition to the above described Affiliate Program, we also run a Multi Level Marketing network. Here you get individuals to sign up under you as second level resellers and you get a commission of their sales as well. This doesn’t end here, these second level resellers can also get more individuals to sign up under them. This model allows you earn commissions from as far down as your 3rd level link.

Let’s take another simple example: You sign up Mr Banji as a second level reseller (downliner), Mr Banji sells Software A at #100,000. Mr Banji earns 10% of that sale = #10,000 while you earn 5% of that sale = #5,000. A 3rd example is if Mr Banji brings on board Miss Hamat who sells software A at #100,000. Miss Hamat earns 10% of that sale = #10,000, Mr Banji earns 5% of that sale = #5,000 and you earn 2.5% of that sale = #2500